First group of extended private beta testers invited


Today we startet to invite the first group of extended private beta testers to join our beta test of SumtnSumtn. We will invite more during the next days and will hopefully get great feedback. We want to know what they think of the approach that SumtnSumtn goes and of course we want to get technical feedback. So to all of you who take part thanks for your interest and we hope we can make you be a part of sumtn cool and great.

For those who are not invited yet stay tuned and check back at the latest when we go public.

cheers, Tobi

3 Responses to “First group of extended private beta testers invited”

  1. Maciej Says:

    Thanks for invitation. I need help on “drag the bookmark-button onto your bookmarks-bar.” – it doesn’t work in IE 7.0.5730.11 😦
    Take care

    • Tobi Says:

      Yes you’re right. Instructions for IE will follow when we’re out of private beta. For IE you need to do a right click on the bookmark and add to favourites

  2. sumtn Says:


    Thanks for testing! 🙂

    In the Internet Explorer dragging bookmarks does not work unfortunately, you will have to right click the button and select “Add to Favorites…”. In the security-prompt select “Yes”, this is necessary since is a piece of javascript instead of a “real” bookmark.

    We’ll add a browser-check and special explanation for this in the next days!

    If you have any more questions, you can also just send them to @sumtn_beta (or here is fine, too, of course).


    Well… I guess Tobi was faster on this one!! 🙂

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