Tweetboard Alpha – the first copycat?


I’m actually wondering that Tweetboard Alpha is getting so much attention in the Twitter Search. This is true viral spread. The thing is that they have exactly the same approach as SumtnSumtn BUT one big difference: They do have website owners as their target group to embed their sidebar, WE do have Twitter-users and website owners as our target group! Our widget for website owners will come soon, but this is a true competition now for getting the most viral spread. We’re looking forward how this race will go on, but one thing is for sure: our idea of “Onsite Twittering” is ready for the market! Spread the word and stay tuned.

To BETA-Test SumtnSumtn, just follow @sumtn_beta (, wait until we follow you back and then login on




One Response to “Tweetboard Alpha – the first copycat?”

  1. Stefan’s Blog » Tweetboard an alternative to SumtnSumtn? - No, not really! Says:

    […] We at SumtnSumtn are very impressed about the viral marketing campaign of Tweetboard. The whole day I’m asking myself how the accomplished to get a top position at Twitter trends. But more important is, in how far Tweetboard could be a competitive alternative to They do have some things in common with SumtnSumtn, but they do lack some of the most important features. Read more:… […]

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