SumtnSumtn website-widget hits private beta


Another big milestone for us! We just released our new website-widget into private beta! For now there’s only one version, but as feedback comes in we’ll be working on more (and maybe even better) options.

We will deploy the widget over a few sites, one at a time. This will allow us to monitor any possibly arising problems and tackle them right away without annoying to many users.

At the same time we are still looking for beta-testers, if you run a blog or other website and are interested, just send us an e-mail to (or simply leave a comment). If you are curious but want to have a look at it first, stay tuned, i’ll drop links here over the next few days.

So much for now, i still got lots of work ahead of me!

Aike šŸ™‚


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One Response to “SumtnSumtn website-widget hits private beta”

  1. Stefan Bauer Says:


    I would like to test beta Version of the website widget. I started the new project but right now with less visitors yet, but first I would try it on this blog. But anyways, if you widget is not that intrusively I maybe gonna install it on my more popular cloud websites and

    So I’m hoping to get the chance to test your widget.



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