Twitter Website Widget now available. The twitter client for your website.



we just released the new SumtnSumtn Widget for Website and Blog owners. If clicked the widget opens a twitter annotation sidebar on your website.  Old-fashioned TweetThis- and Retweet-buttons are history. This is your personal Sidewiki-like system based on twitter for your website.

SumtnSumtn Widget

Advantages for website owners:

  • offer your visitors the easiest way to tweet about your content without leaving your website
  • create more traffic for your website
  • see who of the Twitterusers visits your site and tweets about your content
  • get in touch with your visitors over the Twitter network but directly on your site

Advantages for users:

  • no more copy and paste links from browsers to twitter clients
  • no more jump to the twitter website from the site you are on in order to tweet
  • see who else tweeted about the page and get in contact or even discuss with them via Twitter but on the actual opened website

Just create your personal JavaScript code on this website:
Add it to your site and people can send tweets directly from your site.

SumtnSumtn Widget Website

What do you think? Feel free to tell us your feature request…


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