This is the official blog for sumtnsumtn.com. We will try to deliver any news that happen around our service in this place.

What is SumtnSumtn?
We make it easy to post links to twitter and create more dialog among website visitors on every website. Users get to know new people with the same interests and can share links and experiences with the twitter-network while browsing. Website owners get their content discussed, get more dialog on their websites and get their products, stories and content in realtime mentioned on twitter and search engines and thus increase traffic on their websites.

Our mission:
SumtnSumtns mission is to connect Twitterusers on websites and bring them together, to show them who else visits and tweets on the websites one likes, to help them make new friends.

Where does the name SumtnSumtn com from?
With our claim we ask you “Sumtn to say?”, so we thought SumtnSumtn would fit just great. 😉
For all of our German friends: “Sumtn” ist amerikanischer Slang für “something”. (We have been asked for this many times…)

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail: info@sumtnsumtn.com

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